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How to Use Excel SEARCH Function?

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SEARCH Function in Excel: Microsoft Excel is an excellent utility that allows you to manage and maintain huge data on a spreadsheet. It offers more number of built-in functions and formulas for performing mathematical operations which are difficult to do manually. Whenever you try to search the position of a specific letter in your Excel, then we suggest you use the SEARCH function.

This function will help you to do that. It is one of the built-in functions in Microsoft Excel. By using this function, you can quickly explore the Excel cells and find the specific value (letters or numbers) on your worksheet. Here, we come up with the syntax and usage of the SEARCH function in Excel with some examples. Get the official version of MS Excel from the following link:

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Excel SEARCH Function

Purpose of SEARCH Function

  • The SEARCH Function is one of the built-in functions in Excel.
  • Anyone who wants to search for the position of a specific character (letter or number) in the Excel spreadsheet, then we recommend using this SEARCH function.
  • Excel SEARCH function returns the location or position of the text string that is given in your worksheet.
  • This function allows wild cards, and it is not case-sensitive.


  • Here, you will see the syntax of the SEARCH function.
  • To apply this function on your spreadsheet, you have to select a cell and enter the formula in the following format.
  • Once you enter the formula, just click on the Enter button to get the result.

=SEARCH(find_text, within_text, [start_num])

Argument Explanation

  • find_text: The text that you want to find.
  • within_text: It represents the text where you want to find the position of specific text or string.
  • start_num: It is an optional one. This value represents the starting position in the text. By default, this value is 1.


In this portion, we have shown you some examples for your better understanding of the Excel SEARCH function. Let’s see how it works in the spreadsheet.

  • First of all, you have to open your Excel workbook on your PC and launch a worksheet that has data.
  • For instance, we have entered an input text string in cell B3, as shown in the below screenshot.
Input stringPin
Input string
  • From that text string, we will find the position of the letter “D” by applying the above-mentioned formula.
Enter the formula
  • Once you have entered the formula, you need to click on the Enter button to get the position of the specific character, as shown below. In this example text string, the SEARCH function counts the space as one character, so that it returns the output as 9.
  • Let’s see one more example to make it clear. We have entered the data in a range B3:C5, and we will apply the Search function to find the positions of the specified alphabets and numbers.
  • You can refer to the below screenshot, where we have clearly shown the input data and its output values.
Another ExamplePin
Another Example


We hope that this guide explained the usage of the SEARCH Function in Excel with some practical examples. The provided screenshots let you understand the working nature of this function in Excel.

If you face any struggles while executing this SEARCH function on your spreadsheet, kindly let us know in the comment section. We are always ready to help you. To learn more about Excel functions, then visit our webpage

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