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How to Use Excel ISFORMULA Function?

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ISFORMULA Function in Excel: There are a lot of people around the world who use Excel for performing large calculations. Because Excel provides various built-in functions and formulas to do that. It is one of the great features provided by Excel. On that note, In case, you want to check if the cells on your worksheet contain a formula or not, then you can use the ISFORMULA function.

This function returns TRUE if there is any formula available on your cell. Or else, it returns the value FALSE. This article gives you the outline of the explanation, basic syntax, and usage of the ISFORMULA function in Excel. Get an official version of MS Excel from the following link:


ISFORMULA Function – Description

  • It is one of the built-in functions in Microsoft Excel.
  • The ISFORMULA Function in Excel returns TRUE when a cell contains a formula, otherwise, it gives a FALSE value.


  • In this section, you will see the syntax of the ISFORMULA Function.
  • To apply this function on your spreadsheet, you have to select a cell and enter the formula in the following format.
  • Once you enter the formula, just click on the Enter button to get the result.


Argument Description

  • Reference –  Reference (address) to the cell or cell range.

Practical Examples

Now let’s grasp some examples of the ISFORMULA function and explore how it works in the Excel spreadsheet.

  • Initially, you have to open your Excel workbook on your PC and launch a worksheet that has data.
  • For example, we have shown some details on the spreadsheet in the below image.
  • The input values are entered in the cells C4, D4, and E4.
  • You need to know that, the cell F4 contains a formula.
  • The above-mentioned formula is applied to the cell G4.
Enter the formulaPin
Enter the formula
  • After entering the formula, you have to click on the Enter button to get the result.
Get the ResultPin
Get the Result
  • Let us see another example to make it simple for you.
  • Here, you can notify that the cell D4 doesn’t contain any Formula, so the result will be FALSE.


Here, we have described the explanation, basic syntax, and usage of the ISFORMULA Function with a few practical examples. Kindly drop your valuable suggestions/queries in the comment box. If you want to learn more about Excel functions, then visit our webpage

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