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CTRL + O: Shortcut to Open an Excel Workbook (Windows & Mac)


Generally, shortcuts are more efficient and save a lot of time. Once you learn shortcuts for performing tasks on your PC, you will complete the job efficiently. Excel provides plenty of shortcuts to do different kinds of tasks on it.

This article will learn the shortcut to open a Workbook in Excel. We have provided the shortcut for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

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Shortcut Key

If you are a regular Excel user and want to create or open an Excel workbook without reaching the mouse, then you can use this shortcut. Whenever you want to quickly launch an Excel workbook on your computer, just press this keyboard shortcut key.

  • If you want to open an Excel workbook in your Windows system, then refer to the below-given shortcut key.
CTRL + OThis keyboard shortcut is used to open the Excel workbook in Windows OS.
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  • To open a new Excel workbook in your Mac system, use this shortcut key.
+ OUse this shortcut to open the Excel workbook on the Mac system.
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 Workbook Definition

  • The workbook has more worksheets. Using those Worksheets we can perform our Calculations.
  • Regardless of small or massive data in Excel, we should only store it in a workbook.
  • We can add N number of sheets on a workbook and that sheet contains N number of cells for entering our input data.
  • It helps to perform mathematical calculations using formulas and functions.
  • Excel also provides VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and Macros to automate some work.
  • We can also insert Charts to define a graphical representation of data in an Excel workbook.
  • If we use the above-mentioned Shortcut Key to Open a Workbook, that will show the existing Workbooks in Excel.
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In the above article, we can understand how to Open a Workbook in Excel for Windows and MAC Systems. Using the keyboard shortcut will let you launch the Excel workbook on your PC as quickly as possible. Drop your feedback in the comment section. Thanks for visiting AawExcel. Keep Learning!!

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