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How to Use Excel SHEETS Function?

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Sheets FunctionPin
Sheets Function

In the Excel workbook, we do all the calculations in the worksheet. We can also be called it a sheet. Excel allows us to add a number of sheets in the same workbook as per our preferences. If you want to know how many sheets are used in the workbook, then we suggest you use the SHEETS function. It is the built-in function. We can make use of it whenever we want to find the number of sheets in the current workbook.

This article describes the usage of Excel SHEETS FUNCTION with its basic syntax, explanation, and examples. Get an official version of MS Excel from the following link:

Excel SHEETS FunctionPin
Excel SHEETS Function


  • Here, you will see the syntax of the SHEETS function.
  • To apply this function on your spreadsheet, you have to select a cell and enter the formula in the following format.
  • Once you enter the formula, just click on the Enter button to get the result.


  • If there is no argument, it will return the total number of sheets in the current workbook.

Argument Definition:

  • Reference – It is optional. You need to give a valid Excel sheet reference.

What Will SHEETS Function DO?

It is one of the built-in functions in Microsoft Excel. The SHEETS function in Excel is used to get the total number of worksheets that have been used in the workbook. You need to know that, the Sheets function includes hidden sheets to the total count.

For instance, we want to find how many worksheets are used in the current workbook because it has some hidden sheets. In order to know that, we can use this SHEETS function. The following image will show you my current workbook with (hidden and unhidden) sheets.

Sheets in the workbookPin
Sheets in the workbook

In order to know how many worksheets are there in the current workbook including hidden sheets, apply the below-mentioned formula in any cell, as shown in the below image.


Enter the formulaPin
Enter the formula

Now, click on the Enter button to execute it and get the result. It shows the total number of sheets including the hidden sheets (Sheet 2 and Sheet 4) in the Excel workbook.


In addition, unhiding those hidden sheets (Sheet 2 and Sheet 4) in the workbook will be an easy task. For that, you have to right-click on the sheet tab and select the Unhide option from the menu.

Select Unhide optionPin
Select the Unhide option

Now, it will open the Unhide dialogue box, where you can see the number of hidden sheets in your current workbook. If you want to unhide them, you can select the sheets and hit the OK button.

Hit the OK buttonPin
Hit the OK button

Finally, your hidden sheets are unhidden and shown in the sheets tab, as shown in the below screenshot.

Unhide sheetsPin
Unhide sheets

Alternate Example

Let’s see a simple example to understand how it works.

  • In the following image, you can see the B5 cell. It contains the output value three because we defined the reference as (Sheet2:Sheet4).
SHEETS FunctionPin
SHEETS Function
  • If you omit the reference argument, it will show the total number of sheets in the current workbook.
  • If the argument is an invalid reference, it returns #N/A Error.

By doing so, you can easily get the total number of sheets in the workbook. This might be easy for you.


The SHEETS function in Excel provides the number of worksheets used in the workbook. In order to count them manually, we can use this function. We have understood the purpose of the SHEETS function with the help of the sites: Excel SHEETS function[1] and Sheet in Excel[2].



In this article, you can learn the usage of the Excel SHEETS Function with its syntax, explanation, and examples. Share your suggestions in the below comment section. Thanks for visiting AawExcel. Keep Learning!!

If you want to know what people think about this SHEETS Function of Excel, then we suggest you look for it on the Quora interaction webpage. From where you can get to know more regarding the Excel SHEETS function. Here, we have provided the link to Quora’s official website.

Video Tutorial

The following video will show you how to use the Excel SHEETS function in the spreadsheet with proper examples.

Sheets Function Video

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