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How Do We Use Excel COUNT Function?

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Excel is a spreadsheet program that contains numerous cells in it. We can perform calculations using various functions and formulas. Sometimes, we need to count cells that contain numeric values in Excel for various purposes. To do so, we can use the built-in function called “COUNT“. It is a built-in function in Microsoft Excel. We can call it anywhere in the spreadsheet to get the corresponding results.

Even if you are a newbie to Excel, you can easily understand the concept of functions like COUNT. In this tutorial, we will guide you to learn the usage of the Excel COUNT Function with its syntax, explanation, and examples. Get an official version of MS Excel from the following link:

Excel COUNT FunctionPin
Excel COUNT Function


  • Here, you will see the syntax of the COUNT function.
  • To apply this function on your spreadsheet, you must select a cell and enter the formula in the following format.
  • Once you enter the formula, click the Enter button to get the result.

=COUNT(value1, [value2], …)

Parameter Description

  • Value1 – The first input value, cell reference, or range.
  • Value2 – It is an optional one. You can give the input number or cell reference or range. Generally, we used this option when we have a range of inputs.

1) This function can handle up to 255 arguments.
2) It will ignore the logical input values TRUE and FALSE.
3) COUNT function ignores the text values and empty (blank) cells.

What will COUNT Function do?

This built-in feature of Excel helps you to get the count of cells that has numerical values in the current worksheet. If you have large data like the attendance count of your employees and for every entry, you should represent the status.

For example, if the person logs in to the system at the proper time, then they will come under the present count and we will mention the status as “1“. Or else, they will be added to the absent list and the status will be given as “Ab.”

Attendance sheetPin
Attendance sheet

In this scenario, we need to get the present count of employees based on the logins. For that, we don’t need to check manually if somebody logs in to the PC or not. Simply we can apply the COUNT function to the range of cells that has the attendance information. In order to get the total count of employees who are present, apply the following formula to any empty cell in the worksheet.


Use COUNT formulaPin
Use COUNT formula

After entering the formula, click on the Enter button to execute it and get the result. We hope that this scenario helps you understand the basic concept of the Excel COUNT function.

Get resultPin
Get result

We hope that the above-given scenario makes you understand the working nature of the Excel COUNT function. If you still have some doubts and want to learn it with simple examples. Then jump to the next section where you can see alternate examples which will definitely help you.

Alternate Examples

Here we will show you a simple example to know how to apply the Excel COUNT function in the spreadsheet.

  • Initially, you have to open your Excel workbook on your PC and launch the worksheet with data.
  • For instance, we have given the input values in the range B3:B9. And we will get the count of numeric values using the COUNT function.
Input RangePin
Input Range
  • Then, you have to enter the formula in the cell as shown below to get the result.
Enter the formulaPin
Enter the formula
  • After entering the formula, you need to click the Enter button to get the output.

Input Logical Values

  • It will ignore the logical input values TRUE and FALSE.
  • This function ignores the text values and empty (blank) cells.
Input logical valuesPin
Input logical values

Additional Info: This post makes it clear that the COUNT function returns the total count of numeric values in the specified range. If you want to count cells that contain text data or blank cells, then you can use the Excel COUNTA function.


Finally, we conclude that the Excel COUNT function helps to find the total number of cells that has numeric values. It is one of the best features of the Excel toolkit. Drop your queries/feedback in the below comment section. To learn more about Excel functions, then visit our webpage,

If you want to know what people think about this COUNT Function of Excel, then we suggest you look for it on the Quora interaction webpage. From where you can get to know more regarding the Excel COUNT function. Here, we have provided the link to Quora’s official website.

Video Tutorial

The following video will show you the procedure to apply the COUNT Function and how to use it effectively in your spreadsheet.

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