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How Can We Use Excel OR Function?

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Excel OR FunctionPin
Excel OR Function

The Excel OR function can find if the given input value is True or False based on a given condition. You can apply as many conditions as you want. It will check all the given requirements and shows the result. And you need to know that OR function will return True if at least one condition is true, else return False. Today we will let you understand how to use this function on your worksheet with various scenarios.

With the help of the given syntax and examples, you can understand how to use Excel OR function on your worksheet and quickly finish your work. Get an official version of MS Excel from the following link:

Excel OR FunctionPin
Excel OR Function


  • Here, you will see the syntax of the OR function.
  • To apply this function on your spreadsheet, you must select a cell and enter the formula in the following format.
  • Once you enter the formula, click the Enter button to get the result.

=OR(logical1, [logical2], …)

Parameter Description

  • logical1 – This is the first condition to evaluate.
  • logical2 – It is an optional one. The second logical value to evaluate.

1) All the given conditions must be evaluated as True or False.
2) If the given argument is text or empty cells, it will be ignored.
3) If no logical value is found, OR functions return #VALUE Error.

What Will OR Function DO?

OR is one of the built-in functions in Microsoft Excel. This logical function helps to evaluate a given value and find whether it satisfies the condition or not. You can give only one condition or more than one condition. When you give more than one condition, it will evaluate each one of them and gives the result as TRUE or FALSE.

For example, you are a bookshop owner and you need to check whether the top-rated books reach their target sales or not. With the help of the OR function, you can do that within a few seconds. Here, we have shown the list of books and their sales details.

Book detailsPin
Book details

From the above table, we can understand that they set a target to sell 200 books each. Then they want to check if the book sold greater than or equal to 200 (book>=200). If it satisfies this condition, the OR function returns TRUE as a result. Else returns FALSE. In order to get the output, enter the following formula in the cell, as shown in the below screenshot.


Enter the formulaPin
Enter the formula

Now, click on the Enter button to execute it and get the result. To fill the remaining cells in the range, you have to drag down the first cell to the last cell in the range. It will quickly autofill the results based on the given input values.


So, the above-mentioned example lets you understand the working nature of the OR function in Excel. If you want to learn this with more simple examples, then jump to the following section.

Alternate Examples

The following examples will let you know how to apply two conditions in OR function and find whether they are true or false. Follow the below instructions.

  • Initially, you have to open your Excel workbook on your PC and launch the worksheet with data.
  • Here we come up with a list of student names and their scores in a particular subject. We will need to find out whether they get the average score or not.
Score boardPin
  • Now, we need to use the formula (C3>=70, C3=99) to get the result. If the input value fulfills any one of the conditions, then OR function returns TRUE.
Type the formulaPin
Type the formula
  • Once you have gotten the first result, just drag down that cell to autofill the remaining cells in the range, as shown in the below image.

Because of the given scenarios, you can understand when and how to use OR function in your spreadsheet.


Generally, OR is a logical expression that means this or that. This boolean function can evaluate the given condition and gives the result as TRUE (1) or FALSE (0). As we said earlier, we can use more than one condition while using OR. It checks each condition and returned TRUE if any one of them is TRUE. If the input value didn’t satisfy any of the given conditions, then it returned FALSE. We have understood the purpose OR logical expression with the help of the sites: OR Logical Symbol[1], Logical OR Operator[2].



As yet, we have learned what is OR function in Excel and how to apply it in the spreadsheet with the help of provided examples. So, we can calculate the values based on various conditions and get the result as True or False. To learn more about Excel functions, then visit our webpage,

If you want to know what people think about this OR Function of Excel, then we suggest you look for it on the Quora interaction webpage. From where you can get to know more regarding the Excel OR function. Here, we have provided the link to Quora’s official website:

Video Tutorial

The following video will show you the procedure to apply the OR Function and how to use it effectively in your spreadsheet.

OR Function of Excel

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