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How Can I Filter Cells By Font Color in Excel using Kutools?

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Excel is a spreadsheet program from Microsoft and a component of its Office product group for business applications. It enables users to formatorganize and calculate data and various operations using predefined formulas and functions in a spreadsheet. You can work with others on shared projects in real-time. You can also format the cells and create tables and filters, including (Font, Color, style, etc.) It can be useful for various platforms like Schools, Banking sectors, and Working areasFilter Cells By Font Color in Excel can handle the bulk amount of data effectively. It reduces manual formatting risks (errors). You can save time by using this filter in your Excel. This article shows you how to Filter Cells by Font Color in Excel using Kutools.


Kutools for Excel provides add-ins that enhance built-in functions. It includes combining sheets, merging cells without losing data, pasting to only visible cells, counting cells by color, and performing batch operations. Kutools contains more than 120 built-in functions.


Firstly, you have to know about the prerequisites (the knowledge about the Filter option) as follows:

Filter Cells by Font color in Excel

You can use the Special Filter in Kutools to filter the data by some categorization as follows:


Range is a set of different things of the same general type. First, you have to select the Range values present in your spreadsheet.

Filter rules

Filter rules contain three radio buttons: Text, Format, and Date. You want to specify that in the radio button. For example, if you select the Text radio button, it shows a drop-down list box that contains UPPERCASE TEXT, Lowercase Text, and Text length equal to. In Format radio button contains Font Bold, Font Italic, Font Strike-through, Comments, Formula, Merge cells, Font color, and Background color. In Date radio button contains Weekend, Workdays, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Processing of results

It contains the Font Color and Background Color; you can choose the desired colors using the dropdown selection; otherwise, you can choose them from the color palette.

Select the entire row:

You can check the Select the entire row check box in the application of Background color. It leads to a change in the background color for the entire row.

Here are the following steps using the above filter options as follows

Format with Special Filter
  • Foremost, you have to enable the Special Filter feature.
  • On the Kutools Plus tab, Select the Special Filter option, then choose the Special Filter from the drop-down list box.
Selecting Special Filter option
  • It leads you to open the Special Filter dialog box; after that, you need to select the Column you want to filter cells by font color.
  • Then Check the Format option and Choose the Font color option from the drop-down list.
  • To be filtered, you must select any colors in the right drop-down list.
Choosing Font color options
  • You can choose the color you need using the color palette drop-down list.
  • The color palette image is given below for your reference. You can choose the desired color palette color and click the OK button.
Color Palette
  • Kutools for the Excel dialog box will be popped out to tell you how many cells are found to be filtered. Then you have to click the OK button to confirm.
  • Finally, the filtered cells are displayed in the spreadsheet with the specified font color.

Formatting the Background color

  • In Excel, you can also format the Background color of the filtered cells by selecting the Background color from the drop-down list under the Processing of results section.
  • First, you must select the cell range you want to filter by font color and then select Format > Font Color > Background Color > OK.
  • Font Color – You can choose your desired color to filter.
  • Background Color – You can choose your desired color to filter to fill the background.
Choosing Background Color options
  • After choosing the background color, the popup menu appears as shown below, and you have to confirm with the OK button.
  • Finally, after completing the confirmation, the result should be as shown below,

Real-time Example

  • Here’s a real-time scenario for using the “Filter Cells By Font Color” feature in Excel using Kutools:
  • Suppose you are a sales manager at a retail company, and you have a large dataset of sales orders in an Excel worksheet.
  • The worksheet contains various columns such as “Order ID,” “Customer Name,” “Product Name,” “Quantity,” “Price,” “Total,” and “Status.” In addition, the “Status” column contains different font colors to indicate the status of each order, such as “Green” for “Completed,” “Red” for “Cancelled,” “Blue” for “Pending,” and “Black” for “In progress.”
Dataset of Sales order


Filtering cells by font color in Excel using Kutools is a quick and easy way to sort and organize data based on the font color of the cells. Kutools simplifies the process by providing a user-friendly interface that allows you to filter data by font color in just a few clicks. In addition, using the Kutools feature to filter by font color, you can easily identify and group data based on the font color, which can help you analyze and interpret your data more efficiently. Overall, using Kutools to filter cells by font color in Excel is a great way to simplify sorting and organize your data based on font color and can save you time and effort in your data analysis tasks.

Video Tutorial

Here is a clear video tutorial for your better understanding.

Filter Cells by Font Color by using Kutools


What is Kutools for Excel?

Kutools for Excel is an Excel add-in software developed by ExtendOffice that provides various features to simplify and enhance Excel functionality.

Can I filter cells by font color in Excel without using Kutools?

Yes, using the built-in filtering options, you can filter cells by font color in Excel without Kutools. However, Kutools can simplify the process and provide additional features.

How do I filter cells by font color using Kutools?

To filter cells by font color using Kutools, select the data range you want to filter and click the “Kutools” tab in the Excel ribbon. Then, click the “Select” dropdown and select “Select Cells with Font Color” to open the filter dialog box.

Can I use Kutools for Excel on a Mac?

No, Kutools for Excel is only compatible with Windows versions of Excel.


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