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Formulas to Count Cells that Contain Equal Values in Excel!

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If you are a regular Excel user, and you have stored huge data on spreadsheets, then there might be some duplicate values available. Counting duplicate values manually will be a tedious process for everyone and will end up in a headache. So, Excel offers a formula to find and count the equal values in a specified range in your worksheet. In this short tutorial, we will guide you to know the Formulas to Count the Cells Which Contains Equal values or Numbers in Excel. Get an official version of MS Excel from the following link:

Excel formula to Count Equal Values in a RangePin
Excel formula to Count Equal Values in a Range

General Formula

Here we come up with a simple formula to count cells that contain equal values in Excel.

=COUNTIF(range, value)

Syntax Explanations

  • COUNTIF – The Excel COUNTIF function helps to count the cells that match a single condition or criteria.
  • Range – It is an input value given in a worksheet.
  • Values – This value is will help to count the cells.
  • Comma (,) – It is a separator that helps to separate a list of values.
  • Parenthesis () – The main purpose of this symbol is to group the elements.

How to Apply Formula to Count Cells that contain Equal Values?

In order to count the equal values in the range, we can use an Excel formula. This formula can make use of the COUNTIF function for finding the total count of the equal values in the specified range. For instance, we will need to find how many times a specific value appeared in the list.

The following image will show you a list of fruits and count how many times the fruit “Apple” appears in the range.


After that, you can use the below-mentioned formula in any cell where you want to get the output result.

=COUNTIF(B3:B12, “Apple”)

Enter the formulaPin
Enter the formula

Once you have entered the formula, click on the Enter button to execute it and get the result.


If the above-given scenario is not enough to understand this formula and want to learn this with a simple example, kindly move to the following section.

Alternate Example

Here we come up with a simple example to know how to apply this Excel formula in the spreadsheet.

  • In the below example image, you can see the list of student names in the range. And we want to get the count of student “Ria” from the list.
Student ListPin
Student List
  • Then, enter the given formula in a cell where you want to get the result.

=COUNTIF(B3:B12, “Ria”)

Type the formulaPin
Type the formula
  • Finally, you will need to click the Enter button to get the result, as shown in the below screenshot.
Count Equal valuesPin
Count Equal values
  • From this example, you can easily understand how to count the cells containing equal values in Excel using a formula.


In this article, you can get to know Formulas for Counting the Cells which contain Equal Values in Excel. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the below comment section. Thank you so much for Visiting Our Site!! Continue learning on AawExcel. Read more on Excel Formulas.

Video Tutorial

The following video will show you how to apply an Excel formula to count cells that contain an equal value in the spreadsheet.

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